Things To Do in Harrow

The town has some notable attractions to visit. There are lots of ways to pass the time depending on what you want to do most and how much time you have.

Headstone Manor

One of the most popular attractions in Harrow is Headstone Manor. Dating from around 1310, the Manor is comprised of four buildings. You can visit the museum and the visitor centre, complete with café. Guided tours are often available too. There are featured collections and events that change throughout the year at this Grade I listed building.

The Manor is well served by buses, train, and Tube services. You can also cycle, drive, or walk to reach it. The Manor serves as a valued link with the town of many centuries ago. It makes you wonder what life in the area was like so many years ago.

Harrow Recreation Park and Ground

If you fancy escaping from the many shops and streets of Harrow, you don’t need to go far to find green space. Harrow has plenty of it, as you’ll see here. You can find the recreation park and ground meeting the A404 at the park’s southern end. It runs parallel to Harrow View and Headstone Road.

Great for dog walking, jogging, and tiring out the kids. It’s also nice to stop at the café in the middle of the park, just to the right of Harrow Bowls Club.

The Grove Open Space and Capital Ring Link

This open space is accessed from the A404 and other local roads just south of Harrow on the Hill railway station.

The Capital Ring Link is a circular walking through taking you through various London boroughs. The Harrow portion of the link goes through the Grove Open Space and around St Mary’s Church.

Book into the Reyansh Ayurvedic Therapy Centre

Located in Headstone Gardens, the centre offers a range of therapeutic treatments for wellness and beauty. Experience everything from a pressure point massage to a powder massage. The latter uses powdered herbs, with dry and wet applications.

As for beauty treatments, why not treat yourself to a famous Indian head massage? It’s the perfect way to destress after a day out shopping or a day at work if you are nearby. If you’ve got time, the herbal face pack will help you look and feel more relaxed. Or better still, try the herbal body pack instead – 60 minutes of bliss!

Visit the Doll’s House on the Hill

Exploring the many shops in Harrow is thirsty stuff. So, how about popping into the charming Doll’s House on the Hill? You can’t miss it thanks to its Georgian front and tiny status sandwiched between other buildings on the High Street.

Contrary to the name, it doesn’t sell dolls house items… rather it looks more like one thanks to its size. Fortunately, the tempting drinks, snacks, and cakes within a far from dolls house size either! Just what you need after a long day exploring everything on offer in Harrow.